Orthorexia: A Dangerous Coping Strategy in Plain Sight

Recently, I was shown a set of tweets, which may have been well-intentioned, from a mental health professional and a campaigner, trying to create some sort of exposé on the healthiness and purity of a type of dietary lifestyle. To the public, this may seem like a discussion into the reality of some healthy food. … Continue reading Orthorexia: A Dangerous Coping Strategy in Plain Sight

Scottish Government Eating Disorder Review: A Summary and My Thoughts

In late March of this year, the Scottish Government released a report that reviewed the current state of eating disorder services available in Scotland. This review was announced in 2020 by Clare Haughey, Minister for Mental Health, following the eating disorder review carried out by the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland. This review was published … Continue reading Scottish Government Eating Disorder Review: A Summary and My Thoughts

Mental Health Literature: The Crown Season Four

Disclaimer: this post discusses eating disorders, specifically binge eating disorder, and bulimia. It also contains spoilers for season four of The Crown. Peter Morgan's historical royal drama, The Crown, is now in its fourth season and was premiered in the latter half of last year. It focuses on the stories that built the British royal … Continue reading Mental Health Literature: The Crown Season Four

Mental Health Literature: A Review of “Seconds To Snap”

I recently read Seconds To Snap by Scottish author, Tina McGuff, and it elicited so many strong emotions with every word that I realised this was one of the best books to read to understand the shame, and guilt concerning eating disorders. Seconds To Snap takes you through the dark details of an eating disorder so often missed in popular culture, and is an important lesson in eating disorder awareness.

Timing Your Calories

A quick disclaimer: this is perhaps a more emotional and quick post; a rant, if you will. This post will feature triggering language centred around exercise, calories, 'offsetting' your calories with exercise, and pro-eating disorder information. I wanted to get my feelings and thoughts out there, because this has really angered me. Have you opened … Continue reading Timing Your Calories

Stockpiling, Sickness, and Safe foods: Eating Disorders in a Pandemic

A few months ago, the first case of COVID-19 (or as it's more colloquially known: coronavirus) was discovered, and since then, it has spread like wildfire. So far, nearly 250,000 cases have been reported with just over 10,000 of those cases resulting in death. Fortunately, there are more survivors of the illness than deaths, but, … Continue reading Stockpiling, Sickness, and Safe foods: Eating Disorders in a Pandemic

The Monster’s Post-It Notes

You support the family. You support the friends. You support the colleagues. You support everyone. If you do this, you support the person with the eating disorder.

Methods for Mental Health: Wellbeing Counselling

Walking up a flight of beige stairs, my heart beat in triple time with every step, I could feel nausea settling deep into my stomach. I can turn back now and just pretend like I never contacted them, I thought as I stepped closer and closer to the waiting room. I wanted so badly to turn around and go back to the library, hide behind my university work, and push down the anxiety and depression. But, before I knew it, I was knocking on the door of the receptionist, and announcing myself: "Hi, I'm Adrienne. I've got an appointment at 2pm." This is my experience of counselling at university.

I Am Not My Eating Disorder.

An eating disorder is a powerful thing. It can ruin many years of your life. It can take away your joy to eat. It can damage your body nearly beyond repair. It can leave lasting physical problems. It embeds itself in your mind like a parasite. It is consuming. It is enduring. And, it can rob you entirely of your identity.