Mental Health Literature: Spencer

Disclaimer: this post discusses eating disorders, particularly bulimia and the binge-purge cycle. It also contains spoilers for the movie, Spencer, and the fourth season of The Crown. * Last year, fans of The Crown were introduced to Princess Diana and her tumultuous experience of living with the British Royal Family and its toll on her … Continue reading Mental Health Literature: Spencer

Free Britney: The Aftermath of The Conservatorship

Unless you have been under a rock, which I'm sure most of us would rather do with how horrendously bad the world continues to be, then you will have read and heard about the battle Britney Spears has been going through to end the conservatorship she has been living under since 2008. It is a … Continue reading Free Britney: The Aftermath of The Conservatorship

The Promises and The Reality

Disclaimer: This post discusses eating disorders, anxiety, body image/distortion/dysmorphia, and other mental health illness and difficulties. My eating disorder promised me a lot. My eating disorder crept into my mind and my body, when I was trying to find some way to cope with a dysfunctional environment and trauma imposed upon my life, and planted … Continue reading The Promises and The Reality

A Guide to Cope at Christmas: Eating Disorders and Christmas

Disclaimer: this post discussed eating disorders. As those with eating disorders approach Christmas, there will be a long list of anxieties running through their minds, with most of them surrounding the abundance of different foods, and unwillingly relinquishing control around it. And, in the run up, many are looking for ways to cope. Looking back, … Continue reading A Guide to Cope at Christmas: Eating Disorders and Christmas

Methods for Mental Health: A Tale of Two GPs

Primary care services are the first place people access when they want to begin a journey into mental health treatment and recovery. That first connection is one of the most important connections. It can make or break the beginning of your search for help. We're asked to open the conversation, but, at the heart of … Continue reading Methods for Mental Health: A Tale of Two GPs

Bringing a Chair to the Table: Validating My Illness

As a mental health campaigner, namely in eating disorders, I have become involved in a community full of individuals with similar lived experiences of mental health such as depression, anxiety, and, of course, eating disorders. This community has allowed me to feel heard and supported. I have people to reach out to, and people reach … Continue reading Bringing a Chair to the Table: Validating My Illness

Methods For Mental Health: Sertraline

In February of this year, I was prescribed 50mg of sertraline for severe anxiety that I have had for over a decade of my life, beginning in my early teens. I watched my GP create the prescription, attaching it to my medical records on the computer. He handed over the peach slip, and just like … Continue reading Methods For Mental Health: Sertraline

Mental Health Literature: A Review of “Untamed”

Following my post that gave a snippet into my life with anxiety, I was contacted through Twitter from my supervisor from my masters dissertation with a book recommendation. If you haven't read the post, it focused on the trepidations within anxiety, which cause you to feel you are doing everything wrong. So, Rachael felt I … Continue reading Mental Health Literature: A Review of “Untamed”

Let Them Be Heard

Disclaimer: I am a white Scottish woman and this post comes from a white, Scottish, female perspective therefore I do not speak for people of colour. This is my attempt to use my privilege to highlight the injustices within mental health awareness. This post mainly deals with people who are black whether this is Caribean … Continue reading Let Them Be Heard

The Relapse

Disclaimer: this post details eating disorders and the behaviours that surround it and may be particularly graphic. Therefore if you feel you may be triggered by this then either avoid this post or view at your own discretion. I also speak about purging behaviours such as vomiting, therefore people who have emetophobia or an adversion … Continue reading The Relapse