Scottish Government Eating Disorder Review: A Summary and My Thoughts

In late March of this year, the Scottish Government released a report that reviewed the current state of eating disorder services available in Scotland. This review was announced in 2020 by Clare Haughey, Minister for Mental Health, following the eating disorder review carried out by the Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland. This review was published … Continue reading Scottish Government Eating Disorder Review: A Summary and My Thoughts

The Relapse

Disclaimer: this post details eating disorders and the behaviours that surround it and may be particularly graphic. Therefore if you feel you may be triggered by this then either avoid this post or view at your own discretion. I also speak about purging behaviours such as vomiting, therefore people who have emetophobia or an adversion … Continue reading The Relapse

The Monster’s Post-It Notes

You support the family. You support the friends. You support the colleagues. You support everyone. If you do this, you support the person with the eating disorder.

I Am Not My Eating Disorder.

An eating disorder is a powerful thing. It can ruin many years of your life. It can take away your joy to eat. It can damage your body nearly beyond repair. It can leave lasting physical problems. It embeds itself in your mind like a parasite. It is consuming. It is enduring. And, it can rob you entirely of your identity.